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I’m a developer, nerd, tech freak and a family man. I also share some of my knowledge through blogs and public speaking. I’ve been writing code for more then 10 year professionally and have a wide range of interests. I also like learning and trying new things. You can find me at LinkedIn and at Twitter

Add a link to Azure DevOps in Teamcity changelog
When you’ve used TFS and visual studio you can link to a work item (Bug, Product backlog item etc.) bij using a #<number> in your commit message. After that it will display a link to your commit that you can click on. Which is really cool but we’re using TeamCity …
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Datetime precision in SQL server
We recently had a problem at work where we inserted a data in a very short amount of time. But then we noticed something strange with the inserted data, because after querying a lot of insertion times where the same but we were (kinda) sure that it shouldn’t be the …
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Working with feature branches
Most of us live in a GIT world. Most teams use feature branches to develop functionality using GIT. However there are still a lot of people who use TFS, SVN or even SourceSafe and may not know what they are and how to use them. In this post I will …
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A couple of gotcha’s with enums
Within C# I use enumerations a lot. An enumeration is a distinct type which contains a collection of named constants. It can be a lot of underlying types (byte, sbyte, short, ushort, int, uint, long, or ulong) but i usually see the default which is an int (Int32). You can …
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Creating NuGet packages from Azure Pipelines with .net core
After my previous post about using Azure DevOps as a buildserver I am going to show you what else you can do with it. The second thing we are going do with it is create a NuGet package and publish it through Azure Pipelines. Read on if you want to …
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Continuous integration in Azure DevOps
Continuous Integration allows a developer to make sure their code builds correctly and that unit tests are run after each check in. There are of course a lot more things you can do with it but on this article I’ll focus on these two first. I’ll be using Azure DevOps …
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