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I’m a developer, nerd, tech freak and a family man. I also share some of my knowledge through blogs and public speaking. I’ve been writing code for more then 10 year professionally and have a wide range of interests. I also like learning and trying new things. You can find me at LinkedIn and at Twitter

Simulating touch on windows 10 for a WPF application
Before UWP apps and XAML we had Silverlight and WPF. WPF applications were intended to replace the old Winforms applications. With .Net core 3 supporting...
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Injecting config settings in .NET Core MVC Views
After playing around with MVC on .net core a little i realized I needed to have some maps functionality using static bing maps on my...
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Dell Precision 7510 NVMe SSD upgrade
As a company laptop I recently got a Dell Precision 7510 laptop with 32GB Ram and a 512Gb ssd disk. However the problem was that...
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Constructing objects using Builders
On a recent project all our domain objects are all Immutable. The reason for that is that it makes multithreading easier. Immutable means that an...
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My favorite .net podcasts
This will be my first post in a while, so bear with me on this one. Recently i found I needed a fun and easy...
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